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small illusions logo Vinyl Fence is manufactured in a state-of-the-art facility by a company that has been manufacturing fence products for over 38 years.

All materials used go through rigorous quality inspections to guarantee the products meet and exceed ASTM F964 specifications.

Here at Master Halco®, we will always be stocking fully assembled, individually wrapped sections. Our complete program includes; colors, curves, gates, posts, arbors, railings, hardware and accessories. We also custom build vinyl fence to your specifications or can supply you EverStrong® Profiles to build your own styles.

All Illusions® Vinyl Railing System products are AC174 Certified, and Illusions® Vinyl Fences are preferred by architecural landscape designers.

Ask for “Illusions® Vinyl Fence” and “Illusions® Vinyl Railing System” by name at your local Master Halco® supply center.

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